About T & J Italian Restaurant

Family, Food, and Tradition

Tucked in the heart of Port Chester, is an Italian Restaurant that has been serving authentic, Neapolitan cuisine and gourmet pizza since 1990. Decorated with our children’s/grandchildren’s photos, T&J is family-owned and operated for two generations! We’re proud to keep the T&J tradition of being a family-run restaurant - as our family started in the food business in the 1950s.

With the help of our mothers Mena and Grace, who prepare classic Southern Italian family recipes, proudly passed down from their mothers and aunts - you are sure to experience a meal “just like Nonna used to make“. T&J is a special place - our family has really gotten to know our customers personally. We have formed wonderful relationships with them. It really brings joy to share our delicious family recipes with them. When they dine with us, they feel like they’re having dinner at home or at a friend’s. It truly is a unique dining experience. Our wait staff consists of family friends, cousins, brother and sister-in-laws!

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